Instructor and Examiner


SFE(A) AUTHORISATION: First delivery

Personnal Concerned

This training concerns SFI(A) (Synthetic Flight Instructor) who wishes to act as SFE(A) (Synthetic Flight Examiner). This course is generic and can be provided on other aircrafts on which the trainee is qualified.


The aim of this course is to give the necessary assets to the applicant to assume the privileges of examiner.


Any applicant for a first SFE(A) authorisation must:

  • Hold or have held an ATPL license
  • Hold or have held a type rating of the considered aircraft
  • Hold a valid SFI(A) rating on the considered aircraft
  • Have flown at least 1500 hours on multi-pilot aircrafts
  • Justify at least 50 hours of FFS instruction as SFI(A) on the considered aircraft
  • Justify knowledge related to examiner’s privileges
  • Be liable of any suspension, limitation or license revocation during the last 3 years




Theoretical training: Morlaix or customer facilities.

Practical training: Morlaix (CRJ)