CADS System

CADSComputer-assisted debriefing system for each FFS simulator
CADS allows a complete simulator session to be recorded so that each moment can be retrieved during debriefing.

During the simulator session:

– The flight parameters are input directly from the simulator
– The cockpit video images are recorded and digitized
– The cockpit conversations are recorded and digitized
– The Instructor is able to ‘mark’ events which he considers important

During the debriefing session:

– The main instruments and the corresponding displayed values are reproduced in real time
– The cockpit video images and  conversations are reproduced in real time
– The Instructor can choose between :

  • a 3-D image of the aircraft in real time, or
  • the aircraft’s flight path (currently only available on the CRJ)
  • the instructor can refer to any of the ‘marked’ events at any point and ‘replay’ from or prior to this point.