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TRI(A) Renewal /Revalidation

Personnel Concerné

This training concerns TRI(A) who wants to revalidate or renew their rating.



Revalidation or renewal of TRI(a) qualification.


1-    For a revalidation :

–  Have a valid TRI(A) qualification.

–  Within the last year of validity of the rating, the instructor has to comply with 1 of those 3 requirements:

           A-  Have performed a session of FFS of at least 3 hours or an exercise in flight of at least 1                         hour which includes 2 take-offs and landings (from a type rating program)

          B- Carry out a refresher course of instructor as TRI(A) in an ATO

          C- Pass an assessment of competences in function of instructor in the FFS.

2-    For a renewal:

– Have a recently expired TRI(A) qualification.

– Have carried out, in the last 12 months which precede the request, at least 30 legs including landings and take-off on the corresponding aircraft. On these 30legs, maximum 15 can be carried out on flight simulator.

– Have complete the pertinent training of the TRI course in an ATO, the programme is defined by the Head of training considering pilot experience.

– Have complete an assessment of competences on a Type Rating course during at least 3 hours on the FFS of the considered aircraft.


French /English


Morlaix (CRJ and ERJ) or Le Bourget (EJET).