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SFI(A) First Delivery

Personnel Concerné

This training concerns pilots who wishes to act as SFI(A) (Synthetic Flight Instructor).


The aim of this course is to give the necessary assets to the applicant to ensure a sufficient control of theoretical knowledge and various techniques adapted to the ground and simulator trainings to be able to assume the privileges of a SFI(A) rating. The applicant receives a training of basic teaching methods, which is implemented during briefings, debriefings and simulator sessions.


Any applicant for a first SFI(A) certificate must:

  • Hold or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category,
  • Have completed the proficiency check for the issue of the specific aircraft type rating in a FFS representing the applicable type, within the 12 months preceding the application,
  • At least 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot airplanes, as applicable,
  • Have completed, as a pilot or as an observer, within the 12 months preceding the application, at least:
    • 3 route sectors on the flight deck of the applicable aircraft type; or
    • 2 line-orientated flight training-based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew on the flight deck of the applicable type. These simulator sessions shall include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes, and the associated pre-flight planning and de-briefing.


  • Language : French / English
  • Location : Theoretical training: Morlaix or customer facilities. Practical training: Morlaix
  • Delay : Scheduled on request according to availabilities
  • Accessibility : Accessible to disabled people subject to regulatory medical prerequisites


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